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Arty Talli Halliday Gangster & Moll
Stacey Rae John & Albert John 'Bones' Freer
Maddy Scotty Fat R's Follies
Scouse, Mick & Anthony Dougie James John Farrah
Clarice Clark Sands Club  
Football Team Mia Carla Stevie Skudder
Victory Paul Edison Paula Parker
Grimsby Boys The Supremes Sea Scouts 1920's
Billy Fury Ken Dodd Cavell
Gas Board Lydia Baillie Waltham Toll Bar School

Click on photo's to enlarge "If You Dare"

 "Arty Farty"


"Gangster & His Moll"


Tommy 'Haircut' Lee and his Flappers

at The "Submarine"

Me behind the bar at The Submarine

Stacey Rae


"He Used To Bring Me Roses"

John Freer

Good Times in the Old Days with John and Maddy

Maddy & Some Strange Fella!

Madeleine Hall
daughter of Grimsby Town Footballer Alec Hall
Sadly Maddy passed away on the
1st November 2003 after a long illness but she lived life to the full enjoying a cruise in August.  She had a wonderful personality and we all have our  treasured and mostly funny memories of the time we spent with Maddy.
Never to be forgotten.

"The Fat R's Follies"

What can I say!!!

Scouse, Mick & Anthony

"Twas a dark, dark night........."




The Late John Farrah

Bingo Caller for Baron's Bingo on Cleethorpes Promenade when he was a slip of a lad and Doorman at the "Sands Club" where he was very popular and had a wonderful sense of humour.  Then he went on to run his own pubs in the Manchester area until his early death from cancer.  Much Missed.


I can't imagine what's shocked her!

Clarice was Captain of our darts team at the 'Sands Club' on the promenade for many years and also worked at British Rail and when she had finished her shift it was just across the platform and up the stairs to the Sands to enjoy another great night.

Caricature of Tom

Dianne had this done for her Dad.

He still had his old hairstyle then (known by the kids as the 'walnut whip') and in the days when he was trying to give up smoking!!!!!

Electricity Sports Football Team


Telegraph Cup Winners 1964 & 1968

League II Champions 1964

Back Row - Left to Right

Roy Fenner, Tommy Lee,

Trevor Gibson, Trigger Drury,

Peter Smith, Barry Miller, ????

Front Row

Stan Brooks (manager),

Brian Newsome, Norman Buck,

Eric Buck, Ian Bruce

Stevie Skudder

"Seems Like A Nice Girl"


Paula Parker 'Venus Academy Winner'
Social Evening

Front row from right
Albert Meech (cousin),  Myself, Jimmy Griffiths, Diane Page, Eva Smith (cousin),
Marina Meech behind Eva (cousin), Pat Griffiths, Barbara Snowdon??, ???, Cavell Smith (cousin)


Centre Row (standing)
2nd from left Paula Parker, next to her Mother, 5th from left Cavell Smith Snr. (my Aunt)
directly in front of Paula Parker, Dorothy Ann Drew (champion Diver during her time in India)


Top Row 3 Ladies
from left My Mother Gylettie Meadows, Mrs. Griffiths, my Aunt Maream Meech.

Some of the names of the others are Mavis Pullman and her sisters,

The Victory Kids

Left to Right

Jean (my aunt & mother of) Kevin, Marie, Kathy, Paul, Bill Smith (brother-in-law of Jean and my Uncle)


Grimsby Boys Football Team

Standing l to r: Matty Gardner(Armstrong St.) Captain - Charlie Hall (Wintringham G.S.) - Tommy Lee (Harold St.) - Cyril Moffatt (Harold St.) - Ray Goodey (Technical) - Johnny Lee (Wintringham G.S.)

Kneeling l - r: Jimmy Dyson (Nunsthorpe) - Terry Drewery (Wintringham) - Gilly Roberts (Elliston St.) - Dave Jackson (Harold St.) - Roy Robinson (Clee Grammar)


Played at Sleight's Sports Ground

1950/51 Season

Grimsby 2 - Lincoln 0

Sea Scouts 1920's


Top Row 2nd from right - John Evans
2nd Row 1st left - Tom Evans


Years between 1947 through to 1951


       Year One          Year Two          Year Three        Year Four          Prefects 50/51


Butlins in the 50's


John and Albert on holiday together at Butlins.

East Midlands Gas Board Presentation
at Sheepfold Street, Grimsby

Tom Lee on extreme left, O. Birkwood, C. Stenger, B. Wheatley, B. Riggall, T. Hoyland, B. Edwards, P. Richman, C. Baker, T. Brown, C. Watmough, A. Bottomley, B. Riggall, L. Metcalfe, T. Major, B. Charlesworth, R. Girling, D. Clarke, J. Hughes, S. Little, M. Raynor, R. Cable, T. Colebrook (now Father Colebrook at Corpus Christi), B. McCabe, R. Pearson, T. Chase, D. Gazely, S. Allen.


Presentation by J. H. Nutton
Bob Tasker on his retirement in 1958?


Jack Wenham and Ron Pearson

Working on the Edge Avenue Scartho Estate for the Gas Board

Football Match between workers from Gas Board

Back Row l-r: M. Little, B. Metcalfe, P. Brannan, D. Brocklesby, D. Clark, D. Hull, R. Wood, J. West, Tom Lee, B. Riggall, ?

Front Row l-r: R. Cable, B. Blewitt, C. Watmough, P. Richman, R. Huton, J. Crockart, G. Rhodes, B. Middleton, A. Goodwin


Cavell's Birthday Party at Scartho Church Hall

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Talli Halliday


All the Sands Club fans will remember Talli we had many happy times with her. 

A great singer and entertainer.

A friend for life.


This is Talli's grandson Aaron with Ronaldo who was at Manchester Airport last summer 2007 when Talli and Aaron were on their way to join us in Spain for a holiday at Neil and Tracy's villa.



Tony St Clair on the right with 'Roller Ball' Rocko in Tenerife

Tony is the Grandpa of Aaron, above, and ex-husband of Talli.

Tony was a regular visitor at the Sands on a Sunday Night

after Wrestling bouts on The Pier at Cleethorpes,

together with

Rollerball, Honey Boy Zimba, Bert Royal, Johnny Saint, Brian (Gold Belt) Maxine, Marty Jones etc.......

Tony was also British Champion and held other Titles


Scotty Lynn


Tom, Me, Joy, Scotty

Taken "Under The Clock" on Cleethorpes Station.  Tom met Scotty whilst he was over from Illinois visiting his daughter Bridget, who married Bobby Cummings and Bobby played for Grimsby Town Football Club.


1st Photo: Tom & Scotty taken on Cleethorpes Railway Station

2nd Photo: Scotty & Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis - Tenor Sax player who played with Count Basie Orchestra.  He also appeared at the Sands Club and Tom and I went to see him play in Los Angeles in 1979.

Tom and Scotty hit it off straight away and remained good friends.


Up date on Scotty - 2007

Scotty arrived at our door one Sunday a couple of weeks ago during October with Barbara it really was a 'Blast from the Past'


Scotty and Barbara on Cleethorpes Seafront and Barbara with her Ticket that cost her a 60 fine for dropping a cigarette end in the gutter.  She had been in England only a couple of days and wasn't aware of litter laws, especially as there were tab ends all over the place and other litter.  The officials wouldn't accept that a warning would do in this event, so that was her initiation to Cleethorpes.  Thankfully that didn't put her off and she enjoyed her time here.

It was lovely to see them both.

Some of the many acts that appeared at the Sands Club over the years

left to right back row: Mitch Mitchell, Dougie James, "Sweet Chariot" [Drummy, Pete & Ronnie]

front row: Tommy Lee with Talli on his lap


The majority of the acts appearing at The Sands came from

Millar Bourne Artistes Ltd of Manchester

Ray Millar and Mike Bourne became good friends with Tommy - Mike went to South Africa managing acts including his wife Dianne Chandler and Ray moved on to London where he is now involved in entertainment management with -

Whatever Artists Management Ltd


Coleridge Taylor

A Favourite at The Sands Club

Coleridge, Maxton, Ray, Mike and others were all part of

The Strand Showband one of the best Bands to come out of Northern Ireland many years ago,

Well known for his many impressions, especially the Godfather.

Father of Max Beesley Jnr, star of large and small screen,

talented musician etc



1. Annie Laurence    2. Barry Lee    3. Cherry Roland    4. Marbles




5. Noel Burns Jnr    6. Sweet Chariot  7.  Franklyn James




8.  Dave Blakeley   9.  Dudley Doolittle  10.  Maggie Cole



Another photo of The Marbles

(Our daughters had photos of them all over the walls of their bedrooms)

All Wonderful Acts - Super Memories



MIA CARLA (Carole) came to The Sands time and time again and we and the customers all loved her.  She was a riot and I suppose she still is.  She has travelled the world over and cruised from the Med to the Caribbean.

At my Mother's funeral Carole sang 'She Was Beautiful (theme from the film The Deer Hunter) at St. Peter's Church, Cleethorpes
 and I love her to bits for that.

At "The Sands"

Billy Fury


Sometime in the early 1970's

A wonderful young man and very talented.

He took time out to visit our home and meet our 3 daughters, who were very young at the time.



Dougie appeared at The Sands many times and on occasion brought his band 'Soul Train' with him.  Great Days.

Dougie has three sons and the eldest Ryan Thomas is in Coronations Street and plays Jason, and he's doing a great job 'A Chip Off The Old Block'.  Adam another of his sons plays Donte in 'Waterloo Road' and what a great job he does too.

Tom & Dougie keep in touch and when Taryn and Andrew got married he flew in by helicopter just to let us know he cared and after the reception he was on his way back to perform in Manchester.


Paul appeared at The Sands Club many times and always sang Tommy's favourite song 'Till'.

Today (Tuesday 7th February 2006) a 'Blast From the Past' moment, one of our old band members Ray Perry (drummer) turned up at our door and he had just got back from a cruise where he had been working with Paul around the South American Seas and brought us a CD from Paul with his love and guess what song was on it "TILL"


Ken Dodd appeared a number of times at The 'Casablanca' and had a full house every time.


The Supremes appeared two nights at The 'Casablanca' and included Mary Wilson on the left (the original 'Supreme')

Fabulous Nights, Fabulous Music!


Lloyd Hulme - we had many wonderful musical nights with Lloyd at the Submarine and the Sands.

I believe Lloyd went on to bigger and better things.





Lydia Baillie


Anyone who was a regular at the Flamingo Nightclub in Cleethorpes/North Sea Lane
 in the 70's will remember

Lydia Baillie - A Great Act




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2001 Grandma Noddy

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