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Talia Swimming

  Talia was in Australia for the wedding of her big cousin Andrew to Rebecca and was very proud indeed to be a bridesmaid.  She also did lots of swimming because they have a pool in the garden.  She travelled with her Mum and Dad, brother Thomas, Uncle Steve, cousins Christopher, Kelly, Katie and Simon (Simon is from Australia and has been living here for well over a year now and went home for the wedding and then came back to England).

Talia today, Friday 21st March 2003, swam 22 lengths of the Scartho Swimming Baths in aid of Charity and she is only 6 years old.  She is a very determined young lady and we are all proud of her.

She has just spent a long weekend at Center Parcs where she was able to keep up her swimming progress at the many pools they have there.

Since then Talia has been to Spain to Uncle Neil and Aunty Tracy's villa where she did even more swimming.

She has left this morning for another week at Center Parcs with her Mum, Dad, brother Tom and cousin Josh.

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Thomas relaxing in the garden


Thomas is a bundle of dynamite and frightened of nothing, but at the same time he is very soft hearted and tender.

Tom loves to dive from high places and hopes someone will be there to catch him and Olivia can be heard to say 'Oh My God'.

He's a big 'Harry Potter' fan and has watched the DVD's many times.  He loves climbing, the higher the better, when you are not looking and today he has gone on his holidays to Center Parcs with his Mum and Dad, Talia and his cousin Josh.

He was in Australia at Christmas to attend the wedding of his cousin Andrew to Rebecca and in May he was in Spain at his Uncle Neil and Auntie Tracy's villa.


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Olivia looking as if she can do no wrong!


Olivia is Tom's partner in crime and she is pretty daring too.  She's very talkative and affectionate and loves playing and loves to learn.

Today she has gone on holiday to Devon and Cornwall with her Mum and Dad and sister Roxie.

A short while ago Tom told Olivia to come into Grandma Noddy's bathroom to show her the singing fish Uncle Neil bought Grandpa Baldy and before you knew it Tom had locked them in and Auntie Di and Grandma Noddy had to burst the lock on the door and save them.



Ruby Joan

Ruby will be 2 years old on the 14th November and you would never believe what a bundle of dynamite she is after the very worrying start in life for the first six months she had.  Dianne can't take her eyes off her for a minute.


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Luanne 21

Nick 21

Update - Lu has been working for Teddy's for well over a year now and still attending college.  She also has a new boyfriend Shayne and Luanne is now getting back to how she used to be.  She is very happy and looking forward to the future now and so are we.


Luanne is busy on a business course at the moment and I believe she is enjoying it.  I hear she is sending off for her Provisional Driving Licence and hoping to take driving lessons in the near future.  Good Luck Luanne.  We Love You Lu.

She is hoping to enrol at the Grimsby College in September to further her studies and make plans for the future.

Luanne has now started at the College and is doing well and enjoying it very much.

Update -  Nick is back home after spending time travelling and snow-boarding.  He has a girl-friend Emma and they have been together for quite some time now.  He brought her to Cleethorpes to meet us all and she is a super girl and they make a wonderful couple.  At the moment Nick is very lonely because Emma is on a month long trip to India which she had planned before she met Nick.

I will have to get a photo of Emma from Nick.


Nick is busy working at a Sports Supply Store in Bournemouth dividing his time between the Depot and Store and enjoying it and earning money to carry out all his plans.  He has bought himself a car and just recently went snowboarding in Andorra.

He came to see us in Cleethorpes a couple of weeks ago (early March) and brought his friend Tom.  It was lovely to see him.  We love you Nick.

Nick was snow boarding in France during June and has all kinds of plans for the future which we know he will achieve because he makes everything happen by hard work and sensible planning.

Recently he has been entering competitions in show boarding and has been doing very well.  I believe he came 5th which is fantastic as it was his first competition.

He is leaving for Austria on 3rd December 2003 for six months and will be furthering his 'education of live.'

Good Luck Nick!

Nick is still in Austria and enjoying his snowboarding and working and meeting new people.



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