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Latest News from Grandma Noddy.......
Just to put the record straight I am named 'Grandma Noddy'  because I like
wearing red shoes like "Noddy" (according to my grandchildren), not because
I can't keep my head still!!!! 
Tommy is called  "Grandpa Baldy" which needs no explanation! 

I can be contacted at:  or

Also catch grandson Nick Baines on

A website dedicated to Tom on

Tracy Francine Baines on

Dianne now has her own website on holistic therapies:



Lindsay died after a long illness (10 years) which he fought with dignity, courage and cheerfulness every step of the way.

Testament to his popularity was the turnout at the Crematorium, packed and standing room only all the way to the front of the building and outside too.  I didn't see a lot of Lindsay as he was growing up but in the latter years I have bumped into him from time to time and was always struck by his big smile and friendliness.

He will be much missed by his Mum, Dad, brother Simon and sister Samantha.

He has left a mountain of memories behind to all who knew him.

"Sometimes our lives are enriched by people who are so special
we are happier just because we knew them"




HANLEY Marina (Marie) (Nee Meech) Marie, aged 75 years, passed peacefully in her sleep, at home, on Monday 15th April 2013. Beloved wife and soulmate of the late Bill, loving mum to Yvonne, Karin and Dale, dearest mother-in-law to Clive and Nicky, precious 'Grandmar' of Stuart, Fiona, Ashlea, Dalton and Mia, a dear aunt, great-aunt, cousin and good friend to many. She will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Another of my cousins who has moved on to the second chapter.



Taryn J Lee, QC
30th March 2012


We all went down to London on the 29th March 2012 to celebrate Taryn being sworn in as a QC at Westminster Hall on the 30th March 2012.  We dined in Marco Pierre White's restaurant and stayed in an apartment within the Hotel at 51 Buckingham Gate, which is a stones throw from Buckingham Palace.  A limousine picked us up at the hotel at 9.15 am and took us to Westminster Hall for the ceremony.  It was quite amazing to see our daughter Taryn (wife, mother, sister) being sworn in with all the history of the occasion surrounding us. I wore a ring with some of Tom's ashes in it (which the 3 girls had bought for me and given to me that morning) and Taryn wore her dad's wedding ring all that day so he was very close to us all.  We topped it off with drinks on the roof of the Trafalgar Hotel overlooking Nelson's Column.  Taryn's friend Darren had arranged this for us without knowing the connection to Tom who loved history and everything to do with Nelson.  He had passwords on his computer all to do with Nelson and his battles.  Business cards with Nelson on them.   The girls had ordered a bust of Nelson to keep his ashes in.  Spooky!!!




28.02.1936  -  05.02.2012

We have also set up a website just about Tom and it can be found at -

Tom died on the 5th February 2012 after breaking both hips in the early hours of 1st June 2011.  The first 3 days were very traumatic because all the specialists he saw had no idea what had caused it.  He stayed in Grimsby until sometime towards the end of June and then transferred to Hull Royal Infirmary to have an operation on just one hip, they decided they couldn't operate on the second hip during this time.  He had a very bad time during the operation and lost lots of blood and all sorts of complications.  He finally left Hull back to Grimsby Hospital and shortly after came back home to be nursed there.  He couldn't weight bear so we had to get him in and out of bed on a banana board until they decided what they were going to do next.  He later had a bad time and had difficulty breathing and ended up in hospital yet again.  This time it was pneumonia and after some time we got him back home again but this time he had no strength to assist us with the banana board so we had to have a hoist and carers to assist us.  He was a wonderful patient whilst at home (not so good for us when he was in hospital) and this went on week after week and all the time no one quite got to the bottom of what was wrong and he was never able to get permission to put weight on his repaired hip.  The week before he died he was in good spirits but changed during the Friday and even more on the Saturday until during Sunday he couldn't fight any more.  We had an extra 9 months with him after that initial shock on the 1st June and we all appreciated that very much.

Tom had a very good and interesting life.  He loved all sports while he was young and played them all whilst we were courting and for some years after we were married and had our children.  Then he began in the licensed trade and sport took a back seat.  He loved the entertainment industry and had numerous cabaret acts, beginning in the 'Submarine' (Pier Hotel) on the sea front and then The Sands Club and later in the 'Casablanca' in Grimsby. 

He organised many charitable collections mainly for children who needed special wheelchairs and anything that he thought needed help.

We had 3 wonderful daughters, Tracy, Dianne and Taryn who he loved to bits and then our sons-in-law
Neil, Nick and Andrew who became his sparring partners (with words).  Later the grandchildren came along - Anthony, Luanne, Nick, Roxie, Neilé, Talia, Tom, Olivia and Ruby.  Then the great grandchildren Taylor, Lyla and another one due in May who turned out to be the delightful Elsie.

We all miss him terribly but he has left us with some wonderful memories.




Arty died on 25th March 2011.  A friend of Tommy and I for many years through our years at 'The Submarine', 'The Sands' and 'The Casablanca'

'Here's Looking at you Kid.'




Sadly Peggy passed away on the 22nd March 2011 [mother of Neil] 10 weeks after her beloved husband Ken who died on the 11th January.  We will be going to Derby on the 12th April for her funeral and another sad time for Neil and his brother Kevin and their families.

Tom and I together with Andrew and Talia travelled to Derby on 12th April 2011 to attend the funeral of Peggy.  There was a Harp Recital played by Liath Hollins beautifully and eulogy and readings by her grandchildren Anthony, Charlotte, Nicholas and Neilé together with readings on behalf of her son Neil [by Nick]
and son Kevin [by his wife Daphne]

Afterwards at The Mackworth Hotel for more entertainment, food and drink and later Kevin gave us a few songs and then joined by his daughter Marie.  Just as we were leaving Neil got up and did a few numbers with Kevin from their days together in show business, first as 'The Sputniks' and later as 'Nick & Nock' and 'Nicholas and Nickelby' and apparently they were still going strong long after we left.

They certainly sent their Mum and Dad off in fine style.


Died 30th October 2008

I remember Gladys when I was very young and she had her own hairdressing business and her brother Jim who also had his own business as a Tin Smith, I believe, but I think it was their Mother's ambitions and not theirs.  When she died Gladys and Jim couldn't cope and everything became too much for them.  Gladys also had a Vespa Scooter when they were the latest thing, she came round to my mother's house to show us and she was very happy and proud.  It's so sad that Jim and Gladys didn't have such a happy life as time went on.  The reason I am writing this is because yesterday morning, 15th March 2011, a received a notification that I had been left a small bequest from Gladys.  She was the only one left of her family, her Dad Jim Snr. [my Grandmother's brother] and her brother Jim had died and she also died intestate so her estate was shared between quite a lot of us.

I shall always remember Gladys on her scooter and how happy she was.

Rest In Peace Gladys and thank you for my gift.



Queensland, Australia


These are photo's of Ben May grandson of my cousin Lettie and her husband Pete May, son of Robert and his wife in Queensland.  Ben won -

3 gold medals

1 Silver

1 Bronze

He is 13 years of age and looks like a force to be reckoned with.



[Francine Lee - Writer]

Tracy celebrated her 50th Birthday in Cleethorpes with us and we all went to the Wellow for a Celebration Meal.

She should have celebrated it at home in Dorset but because of the unfortunate passing of her father-in-law Ken, all the plans the kids and Neil had organised for her were put on hold.  Neil has also had to travel to Mexico on business so they will celebrate when he gets back, but it was lovely that we all had the opportunity to spend time with Tracy on her important half century.




Died Chaddesdon, Derby on 11th January 2011

Enlarge photos & articles to read all about Ken

Ken, father of my son-in-law Neil, has died and Tom and I together with Dianne, Andrew and Taryn [Nick was away working in London] went to his funeral in Derby on Friday 28th January 2011.  The service at St. Alban's Church was memorable with readings from his two sons [Nick on behalf of his dad Neil and Daphne, with great flourish and superb delivery, on behalf of her husband Kevin], two of his grandsons [Anthony and Nick] and two of his granddaughters [Neilé and  Charlotte] all of whom did a fantastic job. A Trumpet Solo by Peter Conway, who Ken taught to play trumpet as a young boy.  Recording by Andrea Bocelli of The Lord's Prayer. We all left to the music "When You're Smiling"

Then on to The Mackworth Hotel for the meeting of family and friends.  I've never been to a funeral like it.  There was Charlie Chaplin, who danced with Taryn 'The Judge',  Russell's ORIOLE Brass Band, Kevin and Neil playing instruments and singing with the band, Ken's granddaughter Marie with her dad Kevin singing together.  Kevin and Marie are still in show business touring all over the country.


Tracy with Fay Weldon the author

Tracy won a place in the short story competition in The Mail on Sunday 'YOU' magazine and was invited to lunch in London with winners, authors, officials from the Mail etc.

Well Done Tracy!



1937  -  2010

Albert died on the 1st September 2010 after suffering many spells in hospital.

Albert was a larger than life character with a good heart.

He will be sadly missed.



Skipper Thomas Baxter Evans
(sometime in 1956)


His son Garry sent it to me via email.

  Apparently Tayné carried it in her wallet.





Alfreda Eva Evans

S.E.N., M.F.Phys., AromaTh.Dip., Laser Dip., G.B.Th., M.Biomag.Assoc.

13th March 1938 - 17th October 2008


"Thoughts of Special People Warm The Heart Like Sunshine"


To leave a "Lasting Tribute" to Alfreda click on


It is with much sadness that I announce the death of Alfreda my much loved and admired cousin.

Alfreda was the mother of  David, Allyson, Evan and the late Vivienne

Beloved Grandma of Yasmin, Lilly, Max and Fynn
Holly, Daisy, Florence and Inigo

She has touched many lives during her time on earth and made us all the better for knowing her.

I and my family love her, will always love her, and she will never be forgotten



"Sometimes our lives are enriched by people who are so special
we are happier just because we knew them"


Aunty Alfie


Tracy Baines

Can you hear something whistling?
That’s Alfreda’s hearing aid.
Can you hear that deep throated laugh?
That’s Alfreda somewhere near, poking someone in the ribs and bringing them down to size.
Check your ribs? Anything broken?
You’ve just had a hug from Alfreda.
When my daughter’s boyfriend came up to a visit to Cleethorpes both Neile and Roxie warned him to take a really deep breath as she gave him a welcoming hug or he would be crushed to death.
They knew from previous experience.
That was Alfreda, larger than life.
Some people, after their passing, still take up the same amount of space on earth
as they did when they were alive.
Alfreda was such a person.
I can only think of Alfreda and smile. That is her wonderful legacy. 
I think of all the times she made us scream with laughter. Like the time the family had stayed at the villa in Spain and just before they left for the airport, to leave Neil all alone, in a big house, up in the mountains her parting gift was to tell him that the spirit of an old Spanish gent still lived there.
Neil was on the phone to me a lot that night before he travelled home the next day.
And the time when I was at my writing class and had a feeling while I was sitting there, of floating out of my body and hovering around the room. Seeking some spiritual answer I asked her what it meant.
Her wise answer?
You need to eat more meat!
Then there was her crying bed and her laughing bed that she carried treatments out on. When she was at Grimsby Road I didn’t just cry a river on that bed – I cried an ocean. I didn’t feel I had any right to bemoan my lot in life, there was always someone worse off. It was the first Iraq war and the Kurdish people were freezing on the mountainside at night and fighting over a loaf of bread to feed their families.
            “How can I be sad when the Kurds have so much to put up with?”
            “Bugger the Kurds,” she said. “Your sorrow and pain is just as much to you.”
I can’t tell you how many people I have made smile telling them that story about Alfreda. Showing them, as she showed me, that we all have every right to grieve.
And then latterly all we did was laugh. All the tears behind me. And I’m sure I’m not the only person she made feel better for her being there to heal them, show them the way forward.
I’m also sure that I’m not the only person that went home with a magnet stuck to the back of my head or some other place that she forgot to remove it from.
Alfreda was a bundle of energy that burst her way through life. She had her own sorrows and sadness but she didn’t let them stop her. And I’m sure she wouldn’t want us to dwell on them or feel sad for her, well only as long as was decent. I think she’d feel uncomfortable and her life was all about making people feel comfortable. Far better to remember all the funny and wonderful things she brought to our lives.
She’s still here among us. Her presence and energy as strong as ever. She’s just gone to ruffle a few feathers somewhere else for a while.
Can anyone hear something whistling?


Alfreda and Tayné at my 70th Birthday - 15th July 2006 and sadly they are no longer with us.

Hope they are having a big party with the rest of the family.

Love you both.




born this month (October 2008) in

Perth, Australia

Congratulations to Justin and Tiffany on the birth of their son Rory, a beautiful brother for Keeley.

Lots of love to you all.


Rory and Rory with big sister Keeley




Nick & Emma are now married and in New York enjoying their Honeymoon

We all had a lovely day on Saturday - the sun shone and it couldn't have been more perfect.





Nicholas & Emma
Saturday 23rd August 2008
Our first grandchild to marry. 

Nicholas is marrying Emma on Saturday and we will all be there to witness this occasion.

Congratulations and Lots of Love To You Both.



Iowyn Drury

Joe & Debbi (Evans) Drury became grandparents on 11th July 2008.  Their son Steven and his partner had a baby boy Iowyn.

Congratulations and love to you all.

It's great to put some good news on at last.




The donations in lieu of flowers which Tayné requested, reached a staggering sum of £1,262.38 and it is being passed on to The Macmillan Cancer Nurses Charity, The Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity and The British Heart Foundation and Cancer Charities.



Vivienne Yvette Jensen
24th December 1959 - 11th January 2008


Sadly Vivienne died suddenly after being taken to hospital during the night  She was 49 years of age and the daughter of my cousin Alfreda and her late ex-husband Andrass.  Our thoughts are with Alfreda at this sad time and Vivienne's daughter Yasmin

She has two brothers David and Evan and sister Allyson.

Rest in Peace Vivienne



17th June 1960 - 19th November 2007

Beloved Daughter of Tom and Sylvia (nee Mogg) Evans

Tayné died today, Monday 19th November 2007.  She was on her way to work.

Tayné was the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, most wonderful person you could ever wish to meet and with all her health problems she still worked and was conscientious, hardworking and never let anyone down in her life.

During the past year we have enjoyed spending time with her at my 70th Birthday and Tom and I's 50th Anniversary
and it was wonderful to see her because she didn't like getting involved with lots of people but at both occasions
she was among the last to leave so I am glad we had that time with her. 


We send all our thoughts to her three brothers Ray, Garry and Lindsay and their families.

"Sometimes our lives are enriched by people who are so special we are happier just because we knew them"

"Thoughts of Special People Warm The Heart Like Sunshine"


This is the cover page (dedicated to everyone) of the Booklet at the Service to Celebrate Tayné's Life.

It contained Messages, Poems and Songs for her Dad, Mum, brothers and their wives and their families and to all of us.

It was a beautiful service and it had all been arranged personally by Tayné down to the last detail and her family made sure it happened just as she wished.

There was a packed house 'standing room only' for Tayné's farewell and it was a fitting send off to a truly wonderful human being.


The report in the Evening Telegraph about Tayné can be reached by clicking on Family Tree.  This is a much fuller report which the Telegraph condensed and it was written by Garry.

This is the email from Garry to us all

To all of You.


Please beat the drums and pass the message around the family to those that do not have email that Tayné will be arriving by a Motor Cycle Hearse at 11:40 am at the Grimsby Crematorium on Friday 30th November 2007.

Two sessions have been booked as Tayné had so much that she wished to say, followed by a buffet at Mc Menemys at Blundell Park.

Tayné had made all the arrangements herself, even down to the ribbon on her Coffin.

We as her family have had very little input because Tayné had organised this event as much as she could, over many years and only changed things when she thought of something better.

We are carrying out Tayné’s request.

I found out today 21 November  2007 from Kim our Cousin who was brought up with Tayné that it was a wish of Tayné to one day ride a Harley.

Now I know that Tayné enquired about a Motor Bike Hearse more than one year ago and because of what Kim told me, I know we have done the right thing getting it.

I do not know if it will be a Harley that pulls the Hearse but Tayné will forgive us for that I am sure if it is not a Harley.

Tayné is leaving us with her last laughs and mischievous sense of fun.


A message for Tayné from Garry.

Tayné, Ride your Harley until you acquire your Angels Wings.

I do not think that they will take you long to earn.

You have earned most of your feathers in this life.

You have been one of life’s gems.


You have been a wonderful Sister, Companion and Friend.

I am sad that your work was done in such a short time.

I guess you were needed somewhere else for your God.

I am happy that you no longer have your aches and pains.


And for those that have gone before, were waiting for you.

You can play with the dogs that have enriched your life.

Enjoy your Angel Friends whom you spoke too so much.

And most of all,

To Dance With Your Father Again.





Kathy (Victory) Eames - Kathy would have been celebrating her birthday on Sunday the 14th October 2007 and I didn't want it to pass without mentioning her. 
I still have to stop myself sending her an email when I have something to pass on that I know
 she would be interested in. 


I send all my best to Len and family.

A smile, a touch, a gentle laugh remembered, a voice softly whispered in the wind..........................





1st photo: Keeley, Tom and Will
2nd photo: Jasmine, Tom and Will


Keeley and her Mum were over in 'Good Old England' in June and stayed with Uncle Andrew, Auntie Taryn, cousins Talia and Tom.
They went to Disney in Paris together.

They also spent time with Keeley's Great Grandparents - Eva Skudder,  Peter and Cynthia Borrell

 Also Keeley and her Mum went to visit her Grandpa in Holland for a few days.

Hope you both had a good time while you were here and Keeley you are a pretty little girl with lots of attitude.

See you sometime.

Lots of Love from Grandma Noddy


Marie's [Victory] Smith's Son Brad and his Bride Clare on their Wedding Day

which took place at Armthwaite Hall in the Lake District



1st photo: Marie and her daughters Rachel & Natalie

2nd photo: Brad, Karl, Rachel & Natalie


Maxwell Eric Skudder

Son of Matthew and Vicky Skudder
 born on Friday [I believe] 31st August 2007

Congratulations Matt and Vicky

Another grandchild for Dave and Maggie


Lily & Max and proud Dads




Daughter of Paul and Kerry



Tom died on the 17th August 2007 in Lowestoft just one month after his daughter Kathy Eames [Victory].  Kathy died in Canada on the 14th August 2007.  I believe Tom was around 81 years of age.

Frances, his niece in Dublin, emailed me with the sad news.  I hadn't seen Uncle Tom in many a year as he moved to Lowestoft after he and my Aunt Jean divorced and he married again.   He was the father of Tom, Marie, Kathy, Kevin and Paul. 


The above is a photograph of Tom's sister Marie, his son Kevin and daughter Marie who attended his funeral in Lowestoft.



Holiday in Spain July 2007

We all had a great time in Spain at Neil and Tracy's Villa.  We missed having Di, Nick and the girls and also Nick and Emma there.

We were joined by Talli and her grandson Aaron for the holiday and Tom and Aaron are best buddies forever now.



[14.10.1948  -  14.07.2007]
 With much sadness and shock I announce that Kathy died today 14th July 2007.
Our love and sympathy go out to her family in Canada and also her brothers and sisters here and her many cousins, of whom I am one.  I shall miss her emails and the photos she sent me from time to time. 


The photos above are Kathy as a toddler who I remember baby-sitting and the second one is Kathy at one of her Darts Competitions and the third is Kathy and her family in Canada.

Kathy competed in the British Columbia Summer Games over the last few years and regularly came back with a fistful of medals - gold, silver and bronze.  She also coached Softball and was 22 years on the Executive at Cloverdale. 

She will be sadly missed by all who knew her - Good Night and God Bless Kathy.

EAMES _ Kathleen Elizabeth It is with great sadness and shock we announce
the sudden passing of Kathy, a mentor and mother to all who knew her. She
will be greatly missed but never forgotten. She is survived by her loving
husband of 37 years Len, their children Darran, Tracey (Shawn) Pritchard,
Vickey (Keith), grandchildren Morgan, Jordyn and Hailey, brothers and
sisters and extended family in England, close friends Don and Paulette
Campbell and many other friends and acquaintances. Kathy was committed to
and involved in the Cloverdale Minor Softball for some 22 years, also the
Langley Dart League. A memorial service will be held on Monday July 23, 2007
at 2:00pm. at Valley View Funeral Home, 14660 - 72 Avenue, Surrey, B.C. with
a reception to follow at the Cloverdale Legion. Donations in Kathy's memory
can be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.
Published in The Province on 7/20/2007.



Neil's Mum and Dad (Peggy and Ken Baines) celebrated their Diamond Wedding on Thursday 7th June 2007

Neil, Tracy and Neilé travelled to Derby to celebrate with them

Congratulations to them both and lots of love



When we arrived home today Monday 9th April we heard the sad news that Jan has passed away on Tuesday 3rd April 2007.
She travelled from Doncaster to celebrate our Anniversary with us on Friday although she wasn't feeling in the best of health and apparently was feeling worse on the Saturday and decided to drive back to Doncaster, and after arriving home didn't get any better and sadly never recovered.
Auntie Jan was married to Eva Skudder's cousin Joe and so she was always part of the Skudder family and was at all of their many family celebrations and then became part of our family.  She used to bring numerous tins full of fairy cakes decorated with smarties, jelly tots etc. to Andrew and Taryn's many parties at their home.
We shall all miss Auntie Jan at the family gatherings with her interest in what you were doing and listening to her many stories.
She was a great character.  I am sure she is making her mark already wherever she is.

If you would like to read the Eulogy to Jan (which describes her beautifully) written and delivered by her nephew Clive

click on Aunty Jan

Thanks to our three daughters and their families Tom and I had a wonderful evening at the Humberston Country Club on Friday the 30th March 2007 and it was great to see all the family and friends who over the years we don't see as often as we would like.
On the following day we left for Spain staying at Neil and Tracy's villa arriving back home today Monday 9th April at 3 am. 
We would like to thank everyone for the many wonderful cards and the presents (although I said no presents required on the invitation)
and as soon as I can get back in the swing I will be thanking you all.





Tom and I will be celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary on the 30th March 2007 and it's been quite a journey, plenty of ups and down but we're still here and feel very luck and thankful too.
As I always say some folk don't get the opportunity to reach 50 years through no fault of their own.
We have three wonderful girls and they together with their families have made us truly happy.



Nick and Emma are in Mexico for three months and they are having a great time. 
Here a few photos he has sent me.


Glad you are both having a good time.  See you when you get back.
Love you lots.



John Evans has emailed the following photos to me and you can see from them that
we in certain parts of England had a drop of snow compared to them.


Justin & Tiffany

Today (Saturday 20th January 2007) is the Wedding Day in Perth, Australia of Justin and Tiffany (Skudder)
We wish them a Wonderfully Happy Day and I'm sure the icing on the cake is that her Grandmother Eva made the long journey from England to be there with them today.


"To Love and be Loved is the Greatest Happiness of Existence"

Frank Walster

Frank passed away on Friday 12th January 2007.


Our thoughts go out to Mary and her family at this sad time.


Trip To Australia

Andrew has left for Australia today (Wednesday 10th January) for three weeks.
He has taken his mother, Eva, 80 years young to make sure she is there for her Granddaughter Tiffany's Marriage to Justin and celebrate her eldest son John's 60th birthday on the 28th January 2007.
She will also be meeting her Australian Great Grandchildren Keeley and Will for the first time, and I believe more are on the way.


1st Photo - back Chris, Tiffany, front, Dave, Eva, Mag
2nd -Tiffany, Eva
3rd - Will, Jasmine, Justin, Keeley
4th - David, Andrew - 'We're A Couple of Swells'
5th - Eva, Andy, Mag, Dave, Chris
Her son David and daughter-in-law Margaret are also making the trip with Andrew and Eva.
Congratulations, love and best wishes for all your celebrations from all of us in Dear Old England.

Kerry & Paul Cade

Congratulations to you both on the birth of your daughter,

Lily Louise

on the 26th November 2006

and also congratulations to brand new Grandparents
Dave & Maggie Skudder.
Incidentally this new baby girl was born on my Granddaughter
Neilé's 17th Birthday.

Michael & May (nee Evans) Overend


Celebrated their Ruby Wedding 12th October with their friends and family. 
Their daughter Michelle organised it all as a surprise for her Mum and Dad and
they didn't suspect a thing. 
Well done Michelle!
Congratulations and Good Luck to them both.


Krissie on receiving her Degree. 
Congratulations and Well Done Kris,
it's been a long hard road but you made it. 
We're Proud of You.

Eva Skudder

Eva is celebrating her 80th Birthday today 7th September 2006.

We wish her lots of love and a Very Happy Birthday.



Debbie (Evans ) Drury

I have just received an email from Joe telling me that Debbie was
rushed into hospital on Saturday and then moved on to Hull Royal
and had an operation on her spinal cord to remove a disc.  She will
probably be in hospital for another 10 days at least.  We send her
all our love and wish her a full and speedy recovery.
Debbie is home now and her condition is more serious than first
thought and it is going to be a long and unpleasant recovery for
her.  She, Joe and the kids need all our love  to
get them through all this.

On Saturday the 15th July 2006 I celebrated my 70th Birthday. 
Dianne organised it all and it was held at the home of Taryn and Andy. 
Tracy, Neil, Nick and Neilé turned up as a surprise. 
I didn't expect them as Neil and Tracy haven't had a minute
to spare for weeks now with Neil travelling worldwide and
 Tracy moving house.
It was a wonderful evening and below are a few of the
photographs taken.  I had many of my 29 cousins and
families there and it was lovely to see them.



I'm very lucky, and I know it.  Tom & I have got three fantastic
daughters together with their husbands, Andy, Neil and Nick
(in alphabetical order!) and our wonderful grandchildren. 

Roxie now 16 celebrated her 'Prom' last night Friday 14th July.


Roxie                                                 Roxie & Friends


Neilé is now 16 and she and all her school friends celebrated
their 'Prom' last week.



Neilé and Friends 'Off To The Prom'

Grandson Nick has been courting his girlfriend Emma for quite
some time now and he is missing her very much at the moment
because she is on a trip to India (which she has been planning
and saving up for for quite some time now - planned before
she met Nick).  So we are all hoping she has a wonderful time
and will be back with Nick again soon.


         Nick and Emma

Tom & I have been on a Wonderful Holiday from the
5th June 2006 (A Christmas Present from Taryn & Andrew
given to us last Christmas Day).

We started off in Los Angeles and stayed at The Beverley Hilton Hotel a
short walk from Rodeo Drive and then flew to Honolulu and boarded '
The Pride Of America' for a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands and then
on to San Francisco where we stayed at The Sheraton Hotel a short walk
to the waterfront and Fisherman's Wharf.  We had a Fabulous Time and
we both know how lucky we are to have such wonderful daughters and
their families.  Life is Sweet. 
Our kids continue to take our breath away!

Latest News - Hot off the Press - Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Has that got your attention?


Just to let you know that Talia Gylettie - also known as 'The Ace One'
(must be Auntie Di brainwashing her) has landed a major role in her
school's production of The Wizard of Oz - looking forward to those
publicity photo's Talia!
Is there no end to this girl's talents?  No there certainly isn't!
Modelling for Roberto Cavalli aside, she works hard at her school
studies, plays guitar, swims and most magnificent of all, manages to
keep her mother and father on track.  Without her sage advice where
would they be - destitute and on the street I can tell you and a burden
to the State.
Well, 'The Ace One', next stop 10 Downing Street for you!
There is more about Talia on pages MORE NEWS and STILL MORE


11th October 1922  -  21st September 2005
It is with much sadness that I announce the news of Tom's death
today Wednesday 21st September 2005.  He celebrated his Diamond
Wedding with Eva, his six sons and their families on the 1st September
and Eva's 79th Birthday on the 7th September.
He will be much missed.
A True Gentleman


Announcing Tom & Eva Skudder's 60th (Diamond) Wedding Anniversary
on the1st September 2005 and they are having a Family & Friends
Celebration on the 2nd September 2005.


                             Tom & Eva at Tom's 80th Birthday Party
They have six sons of which the youngest (Andrew) is our son-in-law
(married to our daughter Taryn).  They have lots of grandchildren and
quite a few great grandchildren, so they have done their bit for
Good Old England!
Tom & I will be celebrating with them on the 2nd September and
we wish them a Wonderful Day and much love and happiness.

Tom & Eva with their six sons and daughters-in-law

Their eldest son  John and his wife Chris arrived
as a surprise from Australia to join in the Celebrations with their Mum
and Dad.

BC Games - Darts
Kathy has just got back from The BC Games and she has got a
Gold Medal for the Ladies Doubles, Silver in the Team Games
and Bronze in Mixed Doubles.
Didn't She Do Well?

Just received an email from John (Evans) in Canada informing me of his daughter
Rhonda's marriage and he has sent me some photo's.


How's that John?


Emily Austin - 9 years old.  Granddaughter of John and Wendy Evans. 
She has a sister Lillian Mai and lives in Canada.


Nathan [son of John and Wendy] when he represented
The Canadian National Karate Team in Prague,
 he is second from left and he won a Silver Medal. 
He has been recalled to The National Team for next years World Championships. 
Well Done Nathan.

Congratulations to Steve Skudder and Jan Walster who are getting married Friday
the 12th August 2005.

Also many Congratulations to Wanda (Evans) and Roy Langley who are celebrating
their 40th (Ruby) Wedding Anniversary on Friday the 12th August 2005.




Also  my cousin May (Evans) and her husband Michael Overend became
Great-Grandparents on the 4th July 2005.  Their eldest grand-daughter
gave birth to a daughter Louise Victoria.  Congratulations to you all.
Kathie (Victory) Eames is on her way to the B.C. Summer Games - Good
Luck Kathy and have a fantastic time.

Congratulations to Kerry Skudder and Paul Cade who
will be married on this Saturday the 16th June 2005.  Have a Wonderful Day. 
Photo's later!


It is now September 2005 and I have just got the photo's from
Kerry whilst we were celebrating her Granddad and Grandma's
(Tom & Eva) Diamond Wedding Anniversary on Friday.


Hello to Rab Hanley and his family up in Scotland.  I have just received an
email from him he had come across my website and had enjoyed looking
at the photo's of his relatives Aunt May & Uncle John Evans, Marie &
Bill Hanley.  Hope to hear from him again soon.
Check out -  News From Scotland


We have just got back from holiday, Tom & I, John (brother) and Roxy (granddaughter)
spent with Neil, Tracy and Neilé (grandaughter.)
John managed to bite his back whilst asleep. 
Photo for proof.
Any guesses on how he did it?
Neilé and Roxy cleaned out the pool and spent most of their time in
it afterwards.
Tom cooked breakfast and evening meal most days and in his spare time
did some carpentry.

John was on gardening and hosing duties.

I was on my knees scrubbing and polishing tiled floors.  Neil says he's
been wanting to get me on my knees for years.  No photo.



(click on Birthdays to open up the list)

bullet3rd Kath Furneaux
bullet4th Taryn Lee-Skudder
bullet5th Amanda Spence
bullet6th Karl White
bullet7th Hannah Franklin
bullet12th Angus Gloag  +  Julie Howson-Evans
bullet13th Alfreda Evans  +  Phillip Evans  +  Sharon (Helgeson) Kendall
bullet14th Darren Drury
bullet18th Michael Woodhouse 
bullet18th Would have been Gran's birthday
bullet23rd Cavell Shepherd  +  Josh Skudder
bullet28th Hailey Weir
bullet6th Tiffany Skudder
bullet9th John Meadows Jnr
bullet10th Lee Wright
bullet13th Deborah May
bullet14th Kerry Skelton
bullet16th Lilly Jensen  +  Lynn Fukes
bullet20th Rae (Talli Halliday) Bancroft
bullet22nd Louise Kendall-Gott
bullet24th Evan Alfred Jensen
bullet25th Nick Lee Smith
bullet27th Paul Skudder  +  Megan Hawes
bullet29th Gemma England
bullet5th Conway Treloar
bullet8th Would have been Grandad's Birthday
bullet13th Eva Broughton
bullet18th Maggie Skudder
bullet21st Fynn William Treloar
bullet24th May Evans-Overend
bullet26th Olivia Lee-Smith
bullet27th Lauren Wright
bullet31st David Jensen
bullet2nd Victoria Eames
bullet4th Yasmin Jensen
bullet5th John Evans
bullet10th Kelly England
bullet12th Would have been Uncle Tom's
bullet17th Tayné Evans
bullet19th Daniel Franklin
bullet23rd Roy Langley
bullet27th Kerry Victory-Faulkner  +  Kim Victory-Dowling
bullet30th Would have been Wayne Drury's
bullet1st Nick Furneaux
bullet3rd Michelle Overend
bullet6th Janet Evans
bullet9th Would have been Aunt Sylv's
bullet10th Andrew Skudder
bullet11th John Meadows  +  Kurt Overend
bullet15th Joan Lee  +  John Evans (Canada)
bullet16th Max Thurston Treloar + Clarice Clark
bullet18th Lindsay Evans Snr
bullet19th John Kendall
bullet20th Krissie Meadows-Newson
bullet21st Would have been Uncle Bill Smith's
bullet24th Charlie Bradley
bullet28th Joshua Drury
bullet31st Talia Lee-Skudder
bullet7th Lindsay Evans Jnr +  Olivia Hawes
bullet8th Michael Overend
bullet11th Leonard Eames
bullet14th David Skudder  +  Peter Skudder  +  Katie Skudder
bullet25th Would have been Jean Eva Evans-Freer's
bullet25th Don Shepherd  +  Emma Leddie (NZ)  +  James Spence
bullet26th Chris Skudder  +  Emma-Leigh Drury
bullet3rd Tracy Eames Pritchard
bullet5th Debra Evans-Drury  +  Would have been Peter Kendall's
bullet7th Ant (Special) Baines  +  Eva Skudder
bullet12th Gillian Wilson-Wright
bullet13th Alan 'Bilko' Court
bullet26th Simon Skudder
bullet30th Neil Faulkner
bullet1st Phillip England
bullet2nd Catherine Wright-Evans
bullet3rd Dawn England  +  Natalie Smith
bullet4th Hilary (Faulkner) Jensen
bullet7th Would have been Little Granddad James Dawkins Farman's
bullet9th Samantha Evans
bullet11th Would have been Tom Skudder 's
bullet14th Kathy Victory-Eames (Canada)
bullet23rd Bradley White  +  Mason England + Would have been Aunt Marieam's
bullet26th Thomas Andrew Lee-Skudder
bullet27th Joanne Shepherd-Bradley
bullet30th Shawn Pritchard
bullet31st Roxanne Woodhouse
bullet1st Tom Victory
bullet3rd Kelly Skudder
bullet6th Helen Taylor
bullet6th Would have been Roland Broughton's
bullet7th Scott Langley
bullet12th Would have been John Freer's
bullet14th Ruby Joan Lee-Smith
bullet16th Joanne Victory-Franklin
bullet19th Would have been Charles Morris's
bullet22nd Margaret Evans-Skelton
bullet23rd Taylor Victory-Dowling
bullet25th Donna Shepherd-Thompson
bullet26th Neilé Danielle Baines
bullet30th Paul Newson  +  Matthew Skudder
bullet7th Karl Overend
bullet9th Allyson Jensen-Treloar  + Jordyn Pritchard
bullet10th Would have been Ernest Lee's
bullet11th Would have been Cavell Evans-Morris's
bullet13th Oliver Victory-Dowling
bullet16th Steven Drury
bullet20th Luanne Woodhouse
bullet21st Sharon Meadows-Leddie (NZ)
bullet24th Rachel White + Vivienne Jensen
bullet30th Gareth Evans  +  Darren Eames (Canada)
bullet31st Gylettie Evans-May
bullet1st Simon Evans
bullet4th Gill Skudder
bullet5th Would have been uncle Jim's
bullet5th Steve Skudder
bullet6th Sheran Frow
bullet7th Nick Lee Baines
bullet8th Evie Grace Langley  +  Charlotte Bowman
bullet16th Stewart Evans  +  Susan Evans  +  Joanne Skudder  +  Anthony Hawes 
bullet16th Simon Spence
bullet24th Ray Evans
bullet27th Pat Bowring
bullet28th Reece Thompson  +  John Skudder (Oz)
bullet29th Would have been Jim Meadows's (my Dad) & Ena Lee [my mother-in-law]
bullet30th Tracy Francine Lee Baines
bullet31st Kerry Skudder
bullet12th Dianne Lee-Smith
bullet14th Would have been Gylettie Evans-Meadows's (my Mum)
bullet15th Arty Westerman  +  Morgan Pritchard
bullet16th June Skudder
bullet18th Marie Victory-Smith
bullet19th Would have been Uncle Alf's
bullet23rd Neil Baines
bullet26th Thomas Victory-Faulkner
bullet27th Charmaine Morris
bullet28th Tommy Lee  +  Michael Gott
If anybody's birthday is not here it may be because I haven't
been given the information!!
Email me on:



bulletEvie Grace
bulletGranddaughter for cousins Wanda (Evans) and
bulletRoy Langley - born 8th January 2005 - 9lbs 90z
bulletGeorge James
bulletGrandson for cousins Sue (Evans) and Graham Smith
bulletborn on the 29th December 2004
bulletFynn William Treloar
bulletGrandson for cousin Alfreda Evans, son for Allyson (Jensen)
bulletand Conway Treloar of Cornwall, brother for Lilly and Max

bulletRuby Joan
bulletGranddaughter for Tommy and I, daughter for
bulletDianne (Lee) and Nick Smith born on the
bullet14th November 2004, sister for Olivia, Luanne
bulletand Roxanne



bulletNicholas & Kathleen Fernaux
bulletMarried Saturday 30th October 2004 (About time too)
bulletAnthony & Amanda Baines
bulletMarried Sunday 26th September 2004 at The Mackworth
bulletHotel, Derby

bulletDianne & Nicholas Lee-Smith
bulletMarried Saturday 7th August 2004

bulletConway & Allyson Treloar
bulletMarried  -- August 2004



31st December 2004
Party held on Thursday 30th December 2004
Here's a few pictures to be going on with (There's is 111 in total)







Christmas 2004


Tommy 4 and Olivia 3½ dressed and all ready for their Nativity Play
on Tuesday 14th December 2004 in St. James Church, Grimsby. 
They are both pupils at St. James School.
They did a great job, sang their hearts out and Tommy had a few
words to say on his own and he boomed them out so we could hear
towards the back of the Church.

Grandson Nick is once again in Austria - Snowboarding and Ski-ing
and will be there for six months.  Have a wonderful time Nick and
here's wishing you and your friends a Wonderful and Exciting
Lots of Love from Grandma Noddy and Grandpa Baldy.


Daughter of Tiffany & Justin - Perth, Australia
Happy Christmas to the three of you. 

Latest photo of Ruby


Here's her first picture taken today Wednesday 17th November 2004,
Dianne and baby came home today.
Dianne had a baby girl (Ruby Joan) at five minutes past one this morning
(Sunday 14th November 2004).  Great news for Nick,
Olivia, Roxanne, Luanne and all of us.




Wedding News......          

Nicholas & Kathleen

Tom & I attended the wedding of our friends Nick & Kath Furneaux
today Saturday the 30th October 2004.  They both looked wonderful
and very happy.  Steve Skudder was best man (Steve can been seen
on 'Blast From The Past' in his best dress).  It was also great to see
Uncle Arty (who is also on blast from the past).  Wishing them lots
of love and happiness.
I forgot to take my camera so will have to wait for photographs. 
There was plenty of cameras flashing so I'm sure I can come up with some.


Anthony & Amanda were married yesterday Sunday 26th September 2004
at The Mackworth Hotel, Derby


It was a beautiful day.
They definitely have a wonderful future in front of them because they
are very much in love and have waited a very long time to find each other.
They deserve a wonderful life.
Lots of Love and Happiness to your both.
Tracy gave a lovely reading of a poem she had written for them and you
can read it by clicking here.


Nick and Dianne

Were married on the 7th August 2004 and here are a few of the photographs.


1.  Nick and Di signing up  2.  Nick Di and Olivia cutting up
3.  Di somewhere tropical  4.  Di and her 3 girls


At last I have some photo's of Conway and Allyson's August 2004 Wedding.


Wishing a long, prosperous and happy life to you all.

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News from Cornwall.......

Here are three of Alfreda's grandchildren -


Lilly, Max and baby Fynn William

Alfreda has spent time with them all and was there when
the new baby was born and we would all like to send our
Congratulations and Love to them.

Alfreda travelled back to Cornwall for the marriage of Allyson
and Conway  in August 2004 photo's above.

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News from Canada........

Well done Kathy on your success with darts in the B.C. Summer Games -

3 Golds

1 Silver

and all the best when you compete in November.
Well done again Kathy with your Softball Coaching, 22 years on the
Executive at Cloverdale and still coaching.  (I found out about Kathy
being voted Volunteer of the Year whilst browsing Kathy Eames and
Cloverdale on

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W. J. Skudder

Welcome to William John Skudder born at 2.10 pm weighing in
at 8lb 20z on I think 30th March 2004 to Andrew and Becca in
Australia.  Congratulations and lots of love to the three of you.


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   Florida 2003/04        

Well here we are in 2004.  After an enjoyable Christmas we
were on our way to Florida flying on the 27th December 2003. 
The party included Tommy and I - Taryn, Andrew, Talia,
Tom - Dianne, Nick, Roxanne and Olivia.
Tracy, Neil & Neile` flew to their villa in Spain on the
27th December also.
Nick has been in Austria since before Christmas and will be
away for six months Snowboarding and generally having a
wonderful education at the University of Life, Lu was busy
with college and working especially over Christmas.


Well that's about all for now I came back from Florida with a
very bad cold which has slowed me up quite a bit and I am only
just feeling like catching up with my website.  It's the cold that
just about everyone has been suffering from during the past
few weeks.  Where are the germs coming from?  Outer Space!!!!!

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Latest News from Perth, Australia, newly born Keeley daughter
of Tiffany and Justin, first grandchild for John and Chris Skudder,
another Great Grandchild for Tom and Eva Skudder (I don't know
how many grandchildren and Great grandchildren Tom & Eva have
got now but I think Skudder means Rabbit in old English language!)
and first Great Grandchild for Peter and Cynth Borrell - well done kids -
lots of love and best wishes from Grandma Noddy and all her family.


Whilst we are in Australia here's a photo of Andrew and
Rebecca on their Wedding Day last Christmas time 2002 when Andrew,
Taryn, Talia and Tom went to Australia for the wedding and Talia was
very proud to be a bridesmaid.  Also Steve, Christopher, Kelly, Katie
and Andrew's brother Simon went to Australia for the wedding and
had a great holiday too.


The first photo is Andrew and his bride Rebecca
The second shows Talia the bridesmaid on the left and Tiffany
on the right with brother Andrew





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Anthony and Amanda

September 26th 2004

You’ve  found that someone special in life,

A precious, a beautiful thing

Someone with whom you can open your mind,

and your soul

Someone who makes your heart sing.

Someone to share all the laughter

Someone to dry all the tears

Someone to be there ever after

Someone to love through the years.


And because of the love you have found -

And you share,

We are gathered here today,

To wish you all the good things in life,

To help you on your way.


May happiness weave into all of your days

Good health and abundance too

May you find peace and love in thousands of ways.

May your problems be small and few.

May your hearts be filled with joy from the start,

As you step into this life anew

And your dreams - be they never ending

We hope that they all come true


May you cherish each other when times are hard

Be tender - and thoughtful - and kind.

Be there to support and strengthen each other,

Because that is the moment you’ll find,

That love makes the light shine into our lives

It uplifts, it eases the pain.

It comforts, it soothes, it heals and it warms,

Makes life feel worth living again.


On this twenty sixth day of September

When you marry, and two become one

The melody and harmony blended together

You finally become just one song

The day when we celebrate two people in love

No happier day to recall

For you both found that someone special in life

The greatest gift of all.

by Tracy Francine Baines



Friday 13th April 2007



Shy, gentle, retiring, hesitant, quiet, demure, a wall flower – Yes, none of these adjectives can be used to describe “Aunty Jan” as she was universally known.

Aunty Jan was a very sociable person – she seemed to know everybody and everybody knew her.  But not everybody got Aunty Jan straight away – I didn’t!  She could intimidate and appear downright rude, which is why I wanted to say these few words today, to try and give a true flavour of Jan.  There’s just not enough time to do her full justice, but I’ll do my best.

I first met Jan in 1973.  She was out with Joe at Wilsic Hall Hotel and I was out with my new girlfriend, her niece, Wendy.  She took one look at me and sized me up straight away as a weedy ne’er do well and definitely not good enough for her niece.  And she made it plain that’s what she thought.  And that was it.  We didn’t see or hear from her for 10 years.  Then, one day Wendy came home saying she’s bumped into Jan in town.  I said tell her to come for tea.  That was just before our first child Louise was born.  Jan duly came for tea.  Nothing was mentioned about the missing 10 years, and I don’t think Jan or Joe, when he was alive, ever missed another of our family do’s from then on.

She was firmly back in the fold.  She never came empty handed.  Her car boot was ever overflowing with cakes and buns, decorated with Smarties, Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures, arranged in bizarre patterns in the icing.  Who on Earth she thought could possible consume the vast quantity of buns she would bring on each visit I will never know.  Trifles always came overflowing their bowls, often much of them left in the bottom of her car boot.  These buns went to all St. Wilfred’s School Fayres and woe betide anyone who sold them cheaply.

Jan loved a party and held court at many of ours, always happy to talk to anyone and regail them with stories of Doncaster past.  And at Christmas she would sing along with the best of us, usually leading the singing.

When Joe died in 1993 there was a gap in Jan’s heart and her life.  And just at that time, Louise mentioned St. Wilfrid’s School, Branton, wanted someone to talk to the children in her class about the war years.  Jan volunteered, loving nothing better than talking about the old days.  That was for just one day in 1994.  From that day on she has gone to St. Wilfrid’s School every Thursday right up to the week before she died.  The kids at St. Wilfrid’s got Aunty Jan even though she could be quite scary – the kids knew she was packed full of love.

She loved being with the children and in the early days took skipping ropes to get the children outside skipping.  She wrote books of skipping chants, selling them to raise money for school funds and charities.  She even had the Daily Mail come to school to do an article on her and her skipping chants.  Many people wrote to her about them and she then kept up regular correspondence with them.

She just had so many friends who she kept in touch with.  Such good neighbours, like Grant, Harry and Heather, who looked out for her and who she loved spending time with.  Sheila who went round every Saturday faithfully along with Tony and the boys – all lifelong friends.  Her sisters, Mary and Madge who she took out for dinner every Wednesday in the car, along with Pauline some weeks, going to local pubs where, if the food wasn’t up to scratch or the plates went cold, Jan would be there complaining loudly while Madge and Mary wilted in embarrassment.  Going out with Aunty Jan was like going out with a time bomb – you never knew when she was going to go off.

During recent years she has visited family in Cleethorpes and I’m sure she regailed them with tales of the Doncaster family and friends in the same way she regailed us with tales of Joe’s cousin Eva and her family – people we have never met but through Jan felt we knew intimately – and I bet they got buns and trifles too!

She kept in touch with her nephew Geoff Dean and family and her niece Jane in Canada as well as Jack, Jan’s older brother still in Canada.  Jane was due here last Thursday to stay with Jan and I know Jan will be furious that she’s not here to see her but I know somewhere she is watching us now, seeing if she approves of her send-off.  She’ll also be sad to miss Mandy and Konrad’s wedding in May but I’m sure her spirit will be there.  Something as banal as death couldn’t keep her away.

And that’s it, Jan loved people and wasn’t frightened to say so and people loved her right back.  She didn’t talk about doing things, she got in her beloved Toyota and did them.  And the only good thing about her sudden departure last week is that she never had to slow down or stop doing the things she loved doing right up to the end.

Wendy and I and our kids loved Jan and she loved us all right back just like all the rest unequivocally and she taught my kids so many different things.  One was to stand up for yourself.  Don’t hang about, get on with it.  A few years ago there was a Proms cum Battle of Britain type Concert organised at the Deaf School with the local jazz/youth orchestras playing.  Wendy, the kids and I all went and took Jan with us, all decked out in Union Jack hats and flags.  We had a really good sing along but as the conductor finished off and said goodnight, I whispered to Jan that we hadn’t heard Jerusalem – and of course she immediately shouted out to the conductor “what about Jerusalem?!”  He said that he was sorry but he hadn’t got the music for Jerusalem.  Jan, undaunted, said “you don’t need music for Jerusalem, everyone knows it”.  OK said the exasperated conductor, if you want it, come up here and sing it.  At which Aunty Jan marched the length of the hall through the crowd, with the conductor whispering under his breath, you know what they say; it’s not over ‘till the fat lady sings.  And sing she did.  Jan got the whole place on their feet singing as if their lives depended on it, flags and banners waving.  And Jan had a personal invitation back for the next few years to each successive concert to lead the singing of Jerusalem, so successful had her spot been that night.

My kids, I hasten to add, were squirming with embarrassment, but they got it – it worked, the crowd loved her.  We all loved her.  We can’t all be Jan but thank goodness there are a few characters about in life like Jan.  Good hearted, straightforward people, who you love and they love you right back.  They might not be perfect but they don’t give a fig.  And political correctness has no place in their lives, just good old fashioned common sense.

After this service I would like to invited you all back to our home for coffee and buns (not as good as Jan’s but hopefully they would get past her stringent quality control).  We have some photos from Jan’s past that possibly show better than words who Jan was.  Jan loved nothing better than a gathering, so I know that she would love you all come back and have a drink to Jan, even if it’s only tea.

Now, to finish off, I’m afraid we can’t have the fat lady this morning but I tell you she’s here watching us all, so do her proud and please stand up and sing Jerusalem along with me for her, One Last Time!

Written  and delivered brilliantly by Clive her nephew


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© 2001 Grandma Noddy

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