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A Mixture of Family Photo's
Tom Joan Neil Tracy
Nick Dianne Andrew Taryn
John Ross Revenge Anthony Mick





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Tom Lee

Father of 3 daughters

Tracy, Dianne & Taryn

Tom being presented with his B.E.M. (British Empire Medal) by Lord Halifax for Bravery in 1960.


Joan Lee - wife of Tom


Mother of

Tracy, Dianne & Taryn



Father of Anthony, Nick & Neile`



Mother of Nick & Neile`




Father of Olivia & Ruby




Mother of Luanne, Roxanne, Olivia & Ruby


Father of Talia & Tom



Mother of Talia & Tom


Taryn in The Guardian
Saturday 28th April 2007




Father of Luanne & Roxanne





Also known as "Special"

Ant when are we going to get an up to date photo of you?  Talk about 'Peter Pan'!

Congratulations on your acting.  Can I come to the Oscars?

John Meadows

also known as

"Indiana John"

Since the Fishing Industry collapsed John has turned his hand to many things - making ladies underwear in his Factory and then back to sea in Spain then the Standby Boats for the Oil Rigs and now for the past few years in the Gulf - he has just arrived home (March 2003) after his last stint before he goes back in April.

An update - John is back in the Gulf on his adventures and he will be there until August 2003.

The Ross Revenge

John's Trawler in which he broke record after record in the seventies before the Fishing Industry was decimated.


Sharon Fraser & Emma

"Indiana John's" Daughter, Son-in-law Fraser and Granddaughter Emma on a visit from New Zealand earlier this year.

The background was really on our sofa at home but Tommy keeps his collection of baseball caps all the way along the back of the sofa, so I put a nicer background in the photo.


"Ain't she cute"

Daughter of John
Sister of Sharon and John


Paul Newson
son of Krissie
Grandson of 'Indiana John'



1st photo: Ena Mark Peter Tracy & Dianne
2nd photo: Mark Keith Dianne Peter & Tracy


Dorothy & Tom


1st: Ted & Ena
2nd: Ted After returning from World War 2



1st photo: Ted in Army Football Team
2nd photo: Football Team


with his Grandchildren (and Tom's nephews) Peter, Mark and Keith Briggs

Tom's Dad (Ted) as a young boy.
[born 10th December 1908]

Headingly, Yorkshire

Ted had two sisters
Florence -married Carl Steel they had one son John

Nellie married Thomas Rushby they had one daughter Bertha (Peggy)

Tom's sister Dorothy (married Derek Briggs) and her 3 sons
Peter, Mark & Keith Briggs

Dorothy's daughter Allison Briggs (now Phillips)

Tom's mother and her grandsons Keith and Peter Briggs

Ena [Elliott] Lee
[born 29th January 1914]

Daughter of Thomas & Ada (Roberts) Elliott

Ena had two brothers

Thomas (married Margie - two children Steven and Susan)

Herbert (married Mary - three children Norman, Margaret & David) and one sister Eva (married Charles Horn - two sons Charles and David)

Marjie Elliott (Tom's Aunt) when she was Mayor of Grimsby, Dorothy (his sister) Mayoress, Tom, Ena (his Mother)

Tom ready for Cricket


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